Sunday, April 26, 2020

Distance Update, April 26

Make sure you have checked out the new tabs I've added to my blog!
Resources will give you access to the lessons I've given in case you are having trouble finding them in your GC folder. They are worth reviewing too; we will be testing eventually. You will also find the updated Candy Point list here.
Yo'Life lists the assignments we've had so far in this unit, including the sheets containing the individual information. Again, if you don't like navigating the GC, this might be easier for you to look through.

As you know, it's been a busy week in our household with the chicks hatching! This is the best picture I can get of them ... they are not much for posing, if you know what I mean.

Names: (not in order because this picture is too tough to identify them by, so alphabetical will do it)
Alan, Barbara, Buttercup, Eggo, Hazel, Jane, JuneLin, Kit-Kat, Lucy, and Peggy.
I will include more pictures as they grow!
Mo ;-)

Sunday, April 12, 2020

NOVA Distance Update, April 12

Greetings blog followers,
I have moved most of the content you need to our Google Classroom, so I will not be updating this blog until we are back in school.
However ...
I am going to start a "Resource" tab to collect all of the files we have been using in the GC for easier organization and access, including the candy point chart for this spring!
Best wishes and stay healthy,
Mo ;-)

Monday, March 23, 2020

Homework for Monday, March 23

Assignment: The Riding Stable - Link!
The directions and a hint page are in our GC. Please feel free to use the hint page (specific to each question) if you are stumped. The Mo'Help tab of this blog can answer more general questions.
Due Tuesday

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Homework for Thursday, March 19

Assignment: Supermarket Math
The lesson and directions are all in our Google Classroom. Make sure to turn it in by filling out the worksheet in your "assignments" list and then submit it online. If you send it to me via email, then it shows up as missing in the book ... let me know if this is still unclear to you!
Due Friday

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Homework for Wednesday, March 18

Assignment: Choice!  Proportions A or B 
*Link to A (basics)
*Link to B (more difficult)
I'm going to try something new here ... I created an answer key in our Google Classroom and then submitted both worksheets, Proportions A (basics) and Proportions B (more difficult), into the folder. Then, I think, you can fill out the answer key on the assignment sheet and turn it in. If this doesn't work, there are copies of each assignment here, but you will still need to use the answer key that I am supplied there. Whew!
*You should be able to see the directions if you select the "view details" button, but I am also posting them here ...

Here are my expectations: please do the work in the way I am asking you to do, for now: multiply on the diagonal and then divide either straight up or across. The details for this are on the Mo'Help tab of my blog.*Do not use other methods of finding equivalent fractions/ratios/proportions at this time. Learn this algorithm first!*You do not need to turn in your work page, I am trusting you to do it.*Do not use a calculator, I am trusting you.

PLEASE use the "turn in" option for this assignment that is provided when you click on the assignment. Otherwise, it automatically shows up as missing and you will, I think, need to go back and submit it later to make it disappear. (?)
Due Thursday

Here we go! Tuesday, March 17

Welcome! So this is your math class for a bit and it is a new experience for all of
us. I do hope to have some videos, links, and such, but we’re starting gently
today. I plan to develop a rhythm for us that is predictable and manageable.
We will have guided practice with keys and homework without, but as always my
late and redo policies apply. Work for the usual one-day turnaround for your
math assignments and you’ll be fine. Use this blog as a resource and check our
google classroom for updates. All of that practice I had you do reading my instructions
and looking for easter eggs will hopefully pay off here! 😀

I have a lot of cool things to do in this unit, but whether or not I can transfer them
meaningfully to an online experience remains to be seen!
Please give me feedback as we go. Please send me an email if you have
questions and please know that while I will be most quickly responding during
my “office hours” of 10:30 - 12:30, but you can contact me any time.
I will reply as quickly as I can when I’m not working in the yard, cooking, taking
a walk, etc. Use your parents and siblings as resources,
but don’t be afraid to simply explore when I ask you to!

Today's links are to both the instruction sheet
(which includes the above paragraphs) and the assignment sheet itself.
If you have trouble turning them in via our google classroom, just send them
via email until we get things figured out. They should all be in our google
classroom, but my confidence in that is questionable in this moment. Ha!

*Things to think about - Link!
*Word Percents Assignment - Link!
Due Wednesday

Monday, March 16, 2020

Update: Monday, March 16

Greetings, students!
I have sent you all an invite to my Google Classroom, but we will see what that means over the course of these next several weeks. I do plan to continue to use my blog, somehow, which might mean linking it to the Google thing ... but that remains to be explored.
As you are patient with me in this new way of sharing math information, I will be patient and clear with you. So don't fret! We can do this together.
I will miss sharing space with you in the classroom, but look forward to when we return to school. Until then, stay tuned and take care!
Mo ;-)

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Homework for Wednesday, March 11

Assignment? Nope ;-)
So, here we are in the limbo of completing the winter trimester and being unsure about when we might be doing our schooling offsite.
Fortunately (?), today was the last day to turn in late assignments, so the homework for the trimester is complete. I'm not saying that I have the backlog all graded, but I'm on it, so don't plan on completing anything else unless you were absent the past two days, as a few of you were.
As for the fractions test, if we complete it on Thursday I still may not count it for the winter trimester since the opportunity for retests in the next week is waning. We'll see, just stay tuned!
And don't let it worry you.
Mo ;-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Homework for Tuesday, March 10

Assignment: Fraction Packet
*Liam H and Owen, your only option is to complete whichever Quizlet sets will help you prepare for the test; I do not have online copies of the packet ... sorry!
Fraction Packet Instructions -
This is YOUR packet. This packet is intended to provide you with practice in any area that you feel needs practicing. Check over your work … if your answers are incorrect, redo them so that you can see how to find the correct answer. Try the “Challenge/Exploration” problems if you are confident in your fraction accuracy. 
Your Responsibilities:
*Work for 10 - 15 minutes.
*Check the answer key and correct your work. The link to the answer key is below.
*Determine if you want to practice more … you may if you want to, but it is not required!
*You do NOT need to attach a note this time.
*You may certainly add notes to your notecard if you realize more would help! Factors, multiples, and general reminders to yourself are all awesome when you are under test pressure.
Due: TURN IN THE PACKET BEFORE THE TEST ON WEDNESDAY… you will not get credit for a packet turned in AFTER the test. This is a “complete” or “incomplete” task. 
Relax! You know this stuff …  Mo ;-)

Other Notes: 
*Test corrections are Wednesday homework and due Thursday. Late corrections will not receive credit.
*Retests for fractions will be NEXT week. They will not necessarily be available before your conference.
*I think I'm done!!!! Please send me an email if you notice any incorrect answers as I am doing it in speed mode, and, as you know traveling with too much speed is dangerous!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Math Update for Monday, March 9

Hello everyone, I hope your weekend is going well!
I wanted to reassure everyone that due to missing school this Monday, I am moving the fractions math test to Wednesday of this coming week. Therefore we will do our in-class review and "packet" homework on Tuesday. Everything just shifts a day!
Good health and happiness to all,
Mo ;-)