Thursday, May 24, 2018

Homework for Thursday, May 24

Assignment: Test Corrections
Due Friday

Assignment: Mystery Picture - 
- Link to directions! - 
I cannot upload the coordinate grid, but you can create your own on a set of graph paper. Make sure your "0,0" coordinate is in the center of the paper with 14 each direction on the x-axis and 20 each direction on the y-axis.
To read coordinate points, the first number represents the x (positive - right, or negative - left) and the y is the second number (positive - up, or negative - down).
Follow the directions. Connect points with lines and color as instructed.
Due Tuesday

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Homework for Tuesday, May 22

Assignment: Quizlet #2 RPPP
Great job overall in class today; you seem well-prepared for the test!
Work tonight on the skill you want the most practice with.
Rest, relax, and bring a snack!
*See yesterday's Quizlet options as reference
Due Wednesday prior to the test

Monday, May 21, 2018

Homework for Monday, May 21

Assignment: Quizlet!
The intention of this homework is to help you to feel prepared for Wednesday's test.  Please practice any area(s) you feel weak in and make note of your mistakes so you can learn from them.
You are to complete 12 problems correctly in WRITE mode.
The test will have sections for problem-solving using proportions, proportions, probability, verbal equations, and applications.
Sets that apply at this time for this test are:
*Verbal Proportion Problems
*Percents and Proportions
*Sven's Proportion Problems
*Proportion Applications

(remember you will have to SCROLL through the sets to find these, but if you alphabetize the sets it will be the last four!)
Due by email, a signed note, or printed copy by Tuesday, May 22.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Homework for Thursday, May 17

Assignment: RPPP Using a Table - Link!
This worksheet does contain more skills besides probability, but here they are mixed together. Keep track of the steps ... they are so similar and connected!
*Probability is part (is) to whole (all), as in if you have 5 red dice and a total of 12 dice, there is a 5:12 probability that I will draw a red die from the pile.
Due Friday
Amelie,  this assignment is a "yes"

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Homework for Wednesday, May 16

Assignment: Cumulative Review ws - Link!
Most of the test content for next Wednesday is now in your hands. See how this work feels to you and begin determining where you might need extra practice. We will finish probability review, then the choice is yours!
Due Thursday

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Homework for Tuesday, May 15

Assignment: Flower Power - Link!
Use the table and proportions to organize your work.
There are only 7 questions on this page, but three of them are complex!  Take your time, think about them carefully, and don't be afraid when you realize they're not simple.  Work through it until you understand what you are doing.
#5 and #6: These can also be solved as two-step problems.  We went over these in class ... figure out what you know, use your labels, and it's okay if you don't get the answer in one step.
#7: There is no redo option for this question. Both parts, the "yes" or "no" and the "why" or "why not" must be completely explained. I will be picky about your reasoning!
Due Wednesday
*Amelie, this assignment is a "yes"

Folders are due tomorrow!!!
*late folders will receive a 10% discount per day late

Monday, May 14, 2018

Homework for Monday, May 14

Assignment: Taking Chances on the River
*There is NO online copy of this worksheet; please pick up a copy from the classroom
*Make sure you complete the table as directed, then USE it to answer the questions.
*We went over how to read the questions in class, but as a refresher: P = "the probability of," and the parenthesis is the "problem" you are finding the number of outcomes for.
*Remember to write your answers as fractions: 5/36, etc.
(5 would equal the number of times it would happen out of 36 rolls)
Due Tuesday

(Amelie, this assignment is a "no" for you)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Homework for Wednesday, May 9

Hello beautiful people! Let me begin by saying I left ALL of the data at school from our dice rolls today. If you would like to see the data, please send me an email and I will go get it sooner rather than later. But maybe you remember enough about our rolls or you have your own theories or done some research. In any case, it's not about guessing "right," it's about having a theory at all. Think of this as the follow-up to opening our M&M bag and making an educated guess ...
We WILL talk about this tomorrow. ;-)
For tonight -
Assignment: Your Strategy 
Write out what you believe is the best strategy for playing the dice rolling game we played today. Keep in mind that theory and actual results are two different things ... for a reason. So, how do you place your beans and why?
Remember to pencil sketch in an X where you will be placing your beans during class. Note that if you do not HAVE the grid I gave you, write down exactly where you place your 20 beans.
Then we'll see how the dice roll!
*Anyone without completed homework will be disqualified from tomorrow's game.
Due Thursday

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Homework for Tuesday, May 8

Assignments in your folder:
1) Reflections on a Life - Link!
The primary thing I want to stress to you here is to WRITE A LOT. 
Be specific, let me know what you are thinking.  Work to make connections between the life you were forced to "live" with the life you hope to live.  Ask a parent if you are stuck; these connections are what make this unit worth living. 
*Reflections may be typed or handwritten. 

2) Budget Guidelines part 2
On your yellow sheet, make sure to begin subtracting your purchases from your NMI.  When you get to savings & charity you should know how much you have left to spend; this is a good time to complete that worksheet as well. 
All of your money must be allocated somewhere, not just hanging out in your pockets.  Make sure your final total is "0" indicating that you know where all your money has been spent or saved.

3) Checklist and Mo's Grading sheet: Link!
This is your checklist of assignments, but it's also where I will list your scores for each of the assignments.  Once folders are handed in on May 15, there will be no more redoing of assignments, so be sure you are happy with your work.  ;-)

Monday, May 7, 2018

Homework for Monday, May 7

Folder Assignments:
Health Insurance - There is currently no link to this worksheet
Find the insurance that fits with your family situation AND within your budget guidelines.
Those of you with unlucky chances may need to see me tomorrow if it is not clear within your insurance plan how you will handle your unfortunate circumstances.
Savings and Charity - Link!
You cannot complete this if you have not had your other assignment spending approved yet. However, you can begin to write your thoughts and certainly discuss the way you would like to approach savings and charitable giving in your REAL life. ;-)

Folders are due Tuesday, May 15.
Late folders will receive a 10% discount per day they are late.

JA Books are due Tuesday, May 8
Late books will receive a 10% discount per day they are late.