Thursday, November 16, 2017

Homework for Thursday, November 16

Create a paper airplane
This is an effort based grade based upon:
*you must use a full, single sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper.  It can definitely be colored, but it cannot be "construction" paper.  I do have paper for you if you need, but first check on the back table of room one.
*you may cut your plane to make flaps.
*you may not add anything else to your plane, including weights.
*you may use clear Scotch tape only, but not so much that it serves as extra weight.
*you may not use any other kind of tape.
*you should decorate your plane, including your name.
*you should spend more than 4 minutes creating your plane and it should look like you did.  Look on the internet, ask someone, test it out.  This IS your plane for the duration of this unit, so do a good job of it.
*you should not build your plane in carpool, during class, or at break; it won't be "effortful" enough ... and I know what effort is.
When you bring your plane to school, please park your plane in your room #1 airplane hangar so that it doesn't get squished or bent in any way.
-Please do not fly them in the classroom or the hallways.
-Respect all planes; do not touch or mess with anyone else's plane.
THANKS!  Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for flight.
Due Friday (11/17) or Monday (11/27)
*this grade will appear as your first assignment for the winter trimester

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Homework for Wednesday, November 11

Assignment: Test Corrections
Correct your decimal test using the form: identify your error and show your work to correct your mistake.
*If you got 100% your task is to remember to bring in your signed test correction sheet!
SIGNED Test Corrections turned in by class time on Thursday earn one candy point!
Due Thursday

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Homework for Tuesday, Nov. 14

Assignment: Fall Math Self-Reflection
Please note that this assignment is referred to as an "Online Quiz" in your TeacherEasepage, but that is only because that is the only way I have found to create an assignment that you can answer in essay form online.  It is not a quiz, just to be clear.  ;-)
*Go to your TeacherEase account.
*Select "Assignments" or look in the "This Week at a Glance" column on the right of your home page. This will take you to a description of the assignment.
*Note the "Fall Math Self-Reflection" assignment referred to as the "Mo'Survey"assignment and select, "Take Quiz."
Remember that until you "submit" your survey, you can close it and continue working on it later. 
Your answers need to be thoughtful and thorough; I am asking you to spend at least three minutes writing about each question, but you can write as much more as you want to! 
I enjoy reading your responses, so don't worry about writing tooooo much. 
If you select the "hints" button that is attached to each of the individual questions, I have written some ideas if you need help starting to think about the question and how you might respond to it.  There is a wide variety of ways of thinking about each one.
This assignment is worth one point per answer, so make sure what you write shares your thinking completely. 
Due by midnight Saturday, but Friday at the latest.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Homework for Monday, November 13

Assignment: Pre-Test Choice
You may complete 10 problems correctly in one of the decimal sets using Write mode
*send Mo an email or bring a note to class
You may attempt to find a route through the maze, using a calculator, that is greater than the current 6th grade record of 35,717.952.
Please only work for 15 minutes max on the maze; you may stop earlier if you beat the record! However, just trace your best route and total it even if it is lower after you have put in the time.
Due Tuesday *this assignment may not be handed in late
Good luck on your tests tomorrow!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Homework for Thursday, November 9

Assignment: Kyle C - Link to all of the fun!
Get used to the wording in these problems; they essentially mirror the test questions. Kyle may have job issues, but his dilemmas are predictable mathematically ...
Due Monday

*You may complete up to two decimal Quizlet sets this weekend.
Use "Write" mode until you have answered 10 questions correctly.
Send Mo an email, a screen shot, or bring a signed note to class on Monday.
Note: these are pre-test practice sheets, so the deadline IS Monday for this option.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Homework for Wednesday, November 8

Assignment: Mixed Review - Link!
Use this assignment to self-assess your own comfort level with decimals in the different operations. I will return them on Monday, assuming you turn it in tomorrow so you can have feedback before Tuesday's test.
*You may also do one Quizlet set for decimals in Write mode, 10 questions correctly, for credit if you would like to. This is not in lieu of the Mixed Review homework. ;-)
Due Thursday

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Homework for Tuesday, November 8

Assignment: Kyle B - Link!
Take your time solving Kyle's new problems. Are you using the correct operations? Is your arithmetic correct? Does your answer make sense?
Due Wednesday

Monday, November 6, 2017

Homework for Monday, November 6

Assignment: Decimal Division Choice
*there are no links available for these choices.
*try this link I created if you're stuck! Maybe the reminder will help. ;-)
Due Tuesday

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Homework for Thursday, November 2

Assignment:  Kyle - A - link!
Welcome to Kyle's world!  Many of you will get frustrated with Kyle, but know that he is here to help you make sense of decimals.  You may NOT use a calculator for these problems. While it might be painful, you'll be mathematically stronger because of him.  ;-)
Kyle hints:
*Kyle does not live at the Burger Barn.
*Kyle works a set number of hours per day, but not every day of the week.
*Kyle is an avid bike rider.
*Bus tickets are one-way only.
*Kyle will have a new job the next time you see him ... hence everything will change.
Due Friday

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Homework for Wednesday, November 1

Assignment: Choices for Decimal Multiplication
Select the option that fits your comfort level for a) multiplying multiple digits and b) multiplying with decimals. The first two options include directions, but there is also a link on the Mo'Help tab!
Options are listed in order of "ease."
(remaining options are in process will be posted as soon as I complete them)
Basic - Decimal Workout - Link!
Middle - 
Super - 
Order of Ops - Link!
Due Thursday